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Evo Cooksurface Cleaning Screens – 10 Pack – 13-0112-AC



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Evo Cooksurface Cleaning Screens

The Evo Cooksurface Cleaning Screens are an important component to making sure your Evo Grill is properly cleaned and cared for . The Evo Cooksurface Cleaning Screens are a replacement part.  These Evo heat resistant replacement cleaning screens are for your Evo Gas Grill. To maintain the natural non-stick properties of your Evo cooktop, it is important to keep the cooktop clean and oiled with vegetable oil. Proper cleaning will prevent carbon build-up. These Evo Cooksurface Cleaning Screens come in a pack of 10.

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Cleaning Your Evo Grill. Items Needed:

  • Evo Scraper and Evo Cleaning Kit with cleaning handle, cleaning pad and screen (supplied with your Evo grill).
  • Paper towels or terry cloth towel.
  • Vegetable oil (any type).

Important Cleaning Tips:

  • Using high heat burns off the seasoning. Use medium heat when cooking on the Evo.
  • Similar to a cast iron skillet, NEVER cook on a dry surface, ALWAYS apply oil to the cooksurface prior to EVERY cooking session (Use vegetable, canola, soybean or grapeseed oil).
  • After cleaning the Evo, pour 3-4 tablespoons of oil in the center of the cooksurface, and wipe the oil over the entire surface with a paper or terry cloth towel. This will condition the surface prior to cooking.
  • ALWAYS properly clean the cooksurface after every use while the surface is still moderately hot. This will clean and re-season the surface in preparation for the next time you cook.
  • Do not use water, club soda, salt, soap, degreasers, cleaning bricks, steel wool or any abrasive product on the Evo cooksurface. These will deglaze the surface, remove the oil seasoning and can cause rusting.
  • If you accidentally deglaze your surface, follow instructions below to clean and re-season the cooksurface.


The limited lifetime warranty on the Evo Grill states the grill shall be free from rust-through on all metal surfaces. And shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use from the original date of purchase. The 1 year warranty applies to all electronic components, gas components, accessories, and repair parts including, but not limited to, electronic displays, overlay and membrane switches, temperature sensors, hot surface igniters, computers, transformers, heater elements, relays, igniters, ignition controllers, wiring, switches, encoders, outlets and plugs, gas regulator, gas hoses, and manifold assemblies. Evo promises to replace, at its determination, any product or component that is defective and covered under this warranty for as long as you, the registered original consumer-purchaser, owns the grill.

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Model Number: 13-0112-AC

Manufacturer’s Website: EVO

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