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Hamrforge Beast Drip Pan

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Hamrforge Beast Drip Pan

The Hamrforge Beast Smoker is an unyielding piece of machinery, designed to put all other smokers to shame and built to last generations. The Hamrforge Beast Drip Pan is designed for use with the Hamrforge Beast off-set smoker. It slides onto the belly of the Beast to stop any grease dripping all over your smoker or the ground beneath. This accessory was designed with the same hard-use mentality as all of Hamrforge’s products, so you can trust that it is built to last.

“The main difference [between The Hamrforge Beast Smoker and Brand X smoker] is that in 4 years time Brand X Smoker will be in the scrap yard and in 100 years time your Great Grandchildren will be selling your Beast on the Antiques Roadshow. ”  – Shawn Bevins, President of Hamrforge

Key Features

  • Manufactured from thick gauge steel
  • Finished with rust resistant, high temp paint
  • Slides in under the left side of the Beast’s cook box
  • Keeps grease from splattering on your patio and nearby items
  • Drop the Hammer, not the grease!

Product Information

Model Number: SB-8000-0

Manufacturer’s Website: Hamrforge

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 19.75 × 12.75 × 2.75 in




Price Range

$0 – $99

1 review for Hamrforge Beast Drip Pan

  1. Billy G.

    I admit I wasn’t 100% sold on the drip pan at first, but after my first cook on the Beast, I’m really glad I have it! When the Beast is fully loaded, the amount of grease and drippings coming out is crazy. This pan is big enough that it even catches the grease that runs along to the left side door and doesn’t need to be emptied mid-cook.

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