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TEC Meatloaf Pan and Spatula – MTLOAF



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TEC Meatloaf Pan

The TEC Meatloaf Pan, which includes a spatula with a detachable handle, ensures a juicy, succulent meatloaf, imbued with a charbroiled flavor from the grill. The 4” x 6” bottomless pan makes a 1½-2½ pound meatloaf, and the 4” x 8” version holds 2½-3½ pounds. The pan rests on a slotted spatula, so melted fat drains away from the meatloaf through openings in the spatula as it cooks This not only prevents it from being reabsorbed by the meat but also allows the fat to drip down to the heated grill, creating a rich smoky vapor. The handle of the spatula is removable; detach it during grilling to prevent the handle from overheating, and reattach it when you’re ready to remove the meatloaf from the grill.

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Key Features

  • Includes detachable slotted spatula
  • Complete 304 stainless steel construction ensures a long-lasting and durable product
  • Available in 4×6″ or 4×8″

Product Information

Model Number: MTLOAF

Manufacturer’s Website: TEC

Additional information

Item Type

Meatloaf Pan


Stainless Steel



Price Range

$100 – $499


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