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Authentic cooking on a French grill offers many advantages over traditional barbecue. The risk of burning food through direct contact with flames is eliminated as the risk of causing a forest fire. Moreover, Le Griddle reaches its optimum cooking temperature in less than 5 minutes. There is no need to extinguish or remove embers after cooking. According to that, the final cleaning takes around 2 minutes. Food like meat, fish, and vegetables is cooked on a slightly oiled griddle in order to keep all the flavor and nutritional properties. In a few words cooking on Le Griddle means healthier eating, a better respect of the environment and a faster and easier way to cook.

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Le Griddle Best Sellers

  • Le Griddle 30-Inch Insulated Liner

    Le Griddle 41″ Griddle Insulated Liner – GFLINER105

    $599.00 $499.00
  • Le Griddle 41-Inch Gas Griddle

    Le Griddle 41″ Built-In/Table Top Gas Griddle – GFE105

    $2,549.00 $2,449.00
  • Le Griddle 30-Inch Lid

    Le Griddle Wee Griddle Lid – GFLID40

    $449.00 $349.00