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Alfa Ciao M Wood-Fired Counter Top Pizza Oven – Silver Gray – FXCM-LGRI-T-V2





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Alfa Ciao Wood-Fired Counter Top Pizza Oven

The lightweight design of the Alfa Ciao Pizza Oven is easier to handle than the larger ovens and performs very well in small spaces. Alfa Ovens utilize Forninox Technology that combines the properties of stainless steel with aluminum silicate refractory firebrick to achieve a fuel-efficient and relatively lightweight oven. The stainless steel dome is studied to rapidly reach operating temperature while consuming relatively little fuel. Ceramic fiber insulation maintains long-lasting warmth and helps cut down wood consumption to a minimum. This professional pizza oven features a 433 square inch refractory floor made from interchangeable tiles that are specifically designed to store heat and convey it from the bottom upwards. The dimensions and mouth of the Ciao Pizza Oven are ideal to cook 2 pizzas in 90 seconds or 4.4 pounds of bread with every oven load. The door is equipped with a comfortable wooden handle that allows you to adjust the draft inside the oven by controlling the fire. The Ciao M is available in Silver Gray and Yellow.

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Key Features

  • Efficient design consumes less wood
  • Recommended Fuel Size: 1.9″ max diameter
  • Features a temperature gauge and single-handled door
  • 433 Square inch cooking floor accommodates approximately 2 pizzas or 4.4 pounds of bread per load
  • Available in Silver Gray and Yellow
  • Colored parts are powder-coated to resist high temperatures

Product Information

Model Number: FXCM-LGRI-T-V2
UPC: 812555031862
Manufacturer’s Website: Alfa

Additional information

Weight 262 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 38 × 30 in



Alfa Ovens

Fuel Type


Average Fuel Consumption

5.5 pounds/hour

Item Type

Outdoor Oven, Pizza Oven

Cooking Floor Dimensions

27.6" wide x 15.7" deep x 35" high

Oven Mouth Width


Made in USA



46 1/2 Inches


35 9/10 Inches


25 Inches

Price Range

$1500 – $1999


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